Applications we employ:

Powder Coating, Paint Spraying, Wet paint Spraying, Stove Enamelling

Protech Coatings is a quality bespoke Powder Coating & Wet Paint Spraying Specialist delivering the best custom styling paint finish. Specialising in coating Industrial machinery, Motorbikes, Ventilation Ducting, Metal Frames and all Industrial components that need a customised quality paint finish. We can handle all sizes/ quantity and our specialist sprayers will give you the best finish possible.

We also offer a bespoke paint restoration service in wet & powder coating enabling us to paint restore wheels, motorbikes, reconditioned car parts, bikes & much more.

All colours can be applied including our new Chrome and Candy colour finish.

Stove Enamelling Stove Enamelling, Wet Spraying and Powder Coating in the West Midlands by Protech Coatings